Monday, 16 April 2012

Allow me to introduce you to...

Greetings everyone!
As if life is not busy enough, I have decided to start yet a new adventure! Check out my new site:



One of the things I love to do in the winter is Snowboard, however the summer months make it difficult to pursue that hobby...however, I do love to canoe.....which I know is a random juxtapostion however, when you take a big stick and put it together with a longboard, you get a sub group of longboarders called Landpaddlers....which combines both the sensation (somewhat) of boarding, and canoeing all in one package!

Anyway, I also want build these boards with the same Christian principles that I live by, and perhaps, God willing, draw some income as well! So keep on the lookout for new designs and setups. Also feel free to support us by making a donation on this blog!!!
Next post: what is harder to find than the Holy Grail?



  1. Why is there no "like" button on the rest of the internet?! I totally "like" your boards :-)

  2. Thanks! I am hoping to get more pics up soon!!