Monday, 18 March 2013

Supernatural Trust

I've come to realize that trusting in God means you have to trust Him even in the impossible situations.

The more you trust Him, the more you realize that with God anything is possible. These last two years are a perfect example. I had a great job that I loved and enjoyed But I felt God calling me on a journey of trust Which in worldly terms makes absolutely no sense. But with the guidance of my spiritual director I took an enormous leap of faith!

If you haven't been following this blog over the last couple years here's the short of it: I was a teacher teaching religion (my favourite subject....actually I have sort of an issue calling it religion, when it should be called Theology, but that is the subject of another post) And I felt God calling me to exercise my entrepreneurial spirit, specifically to get into the trades.

So, I left my job, went back to college full time (I had lots of carpentry experience already, but I just wanted to fill in some of the gaps) So essentially we lived for an entire year with just a paternity leave income and the Providence of God. The crazy thing is we never missed a bill payment And the only debt we had was our mortgage payment and we never missed that either!

If we fast-forward little bit just over a year ago we sold our house I finished college and Liz and I became Network Marketers all in the same week! We moved twice in six months and we have been living on the income brought in from both of our businesses.

So right now I'm in between carpentry jobs. I've got a couple of quotes out but it's the middle of winter and there's not a lot of renovating being done. The bills keep coming in without the security of that biweekly pay check.

Without wanting to complain, at first glance in worldly terms you could say that our situation is stressful but here's the thing about trusting in God, You cannot trust when you're comfortable. It is only when we are uncomfortable when you are in impossible situations that we can really truly demonstrate our trust in God.

It is only then when we can truly let go and let God...and when we do, how awesome is the peace that follows.

St. Rita, pray for us



  1. wow I just had this very conversation with my pastor about supernatural trust and supernatural faith thanks for this

  2. You are very welcome! Thanks for reading :)