Saturday, 26 April 2014

Going Chrome

Greetings everyone!

So I guess this is a bit of a first! I am writing this post on my new Samsung Chrome Book, and while I am writing it, it will be my very first product review :)

So first off, I should probably iterate why I decided to purchase a Chrome book, besides pure curiosity.

I got the Chrome Book because most of the stuff I do these days is online and the majority of the time I am just checking Facebook and You Tube and I wanted a device that would give me a better web experience than a tablet or I-phone,  and I did not really need all the computing power of a full laptop.

The first thing I would like to say about this device is that it  is nice and small, weighing less than my iPad 2 and only a little bit bigger. It has a great wake up time from hibernate. Some hard core computer types will probably complain that there is a bit of a lag when loading netflix, but for what I need it for it works just fine.

I haven't really tried the camera yet, but I can already tell that you wont be taking great home videos with this thing.

My initial impression so far is that while it is not something that you would want as a primary computer, it's a nice secondary device for checking emails and working on Google documents.

Send me a message or leave me a comment if you want me to try something specific.