Saturday, 16 November 2013

Just have to ask

One of the hardest things about network marketing is learning how to share and learning how to ask.

Its funny because if you were going to recommend a movie, or a particular food that you like, you probably wouldn't hesitate one bit. But as soon as you invite someone to try one of YOUR products, you get this irrational fear that it reflects on your character somehow.

The reality is, all you are asking them to do is to try the product or service your company has to offer. Some will say yes, some will say no. If they say yes, GREAT! If they say no, move on.

When it comes to recruiting or retailing in this business, there are really only two types of people. The ones who sign up now, and the ones who sign up later.

The secret to success though, is being 100% committed to the product, and to be 0% committed to the outcome of your invitation. If they say yes GREAT, if they say no, move on.

But you just have to ask.

Tipsi Dad

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