Tuesday, 22 March 2016

And...We're BACK!

Hey Everyone!

Well after almost four years we are finally back and posting! It has been an amazing journey and I am looking really forward to sharing our adventures over the next few posts and beyond :)

But first, some of you may have noticed that we changed the name of the blog. That's because about four years ago Liz and I ventured into the world of Entrepreneurship....which has been a learning curve for sure...but that will be a tale for another post...and since that time we have had TWO MORE kids! which brings us up to NINE kids in the house. Oh yeah, we are also in a bigger house now too. I guess we have a lot to catch up on.

Anyway, the name TiPSI (Two Parent Single Income) no longer really applied especially since when you are an entrepreneur, you are always looking for multiple streams of income. And really, when you are not confined to the restrictions of a regular workday, life tends to get a little bit more...random. Not to mention a little noisy. but as the psalmist says, "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord: make a loud noise and rejoice and sing praise." (Ps 98:4)

Along the way we have learned some pretty powerful lessons, and now seemed the right time to begin to share these stories of faith, balancing the family and financial stewardship.

Anyway, we decided to change the name of the blog, instead of starting a whole new one. That way, all of the old posts you know and love would still be accessible and really, a lot of the lessons we have learned over the past few years are built on the foundation of the stuff I wrote about before.

Its great to be back and its totally going to be a great journey!

I am not great at some of the little things sometimes, so I am going to say thank you now, for sharing the journey with us. Thank You.

Talk to you soon


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