Monday, 12 December 2011

A Typical Atypical day

5:30 - Wake up, stumble out of bed
5:45 - Impale foot on some sort of spiky toy left out by one of the kids.
5:45 and 3 seconds - Stifle yell while balancing on non throbbing foot
6:00 - Make coffee which I no longer really need due to the red welt on the bottom of my foot
6:15 - Listen to daily scripture readings while preparing breakfast
7:00 - Wake kids
7:30 - Wake kids again
8:00 - Feed kids breakfast
8:15 - Clean up the cereal Raphael has chosen to wear on his head.
8:30 - Morning chores
9:00 - School starts
9:15 - Explain to the kids (again) that studying latin is a good foundation for learning other languages
9:30 - Tell the kids that it is NOT time to play the Wii...and that no Wii bowling will not count as Phys. Ed.
10:00 - Find the meatball that rolled off the plate last week
11:00 - Stop Nathan from gouging Raphael's eyes out with some ninja like maneuver he learned watching Power Rangers with his older brothers.
12:00 - Start lunch
12:05 - Stop fight over who gets to use the "wheelie" chair
1:00 - Resort to arbitration as to who gets to wash and who gets to dry.
2:00 - Hit the wall. Tell kids to watch a movie...something educational.....they end up watching zaboombafoo. Leave bigger kids in charge.
2:01 - Take a nap while they are watching zaboombafoo.
2:40 - Bigger kids send almost two year old to wake you "patting" you on the face....
2:41 - Little kids then jump on you to ask you if they can watch another episode.
2:45 - Tell big kids to write a research report on the animals they talked about on zaboombafoo. Whining ensues.
3:30 - School day ends.
3:35 - Tell the kids to play out side
5:00ish - Dinner
6:00 dance/ aikido/ meetings depending on any given night.
8:30 - Night time prayers / little kids bedtime
9:00 - big kids bed time
10:00 - lights out
10:05 - Issue warnings.....
10:10 - Administer discipline
11:00 - Bed. Bliss.



  1. You two are truely inspiring!

  2. Man! Latin was hard for me in University! Poor kids!

  3. @Still A Seeker, Actually, we both did pretty well in Latin! Saturday morning Mandarin Classes, however, were a completely different story ;-D

  4. Geoff,
    Teach them Greek - it will be more useful than Latin!
    If you don't believe me, check out Xenophon Zolotas' speeches delivered solely with words of Greek origin.

  5. @ A, actually, Greek is also on our list. Right up there with Hebrew and Aramaic. I just did not want to slam them with all the classic languages in their first year of homeschooling!l. Lol (yes that was just a joke people....they will be able to choose between hebrew or aramaic ;-]