Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Merry New Year!

Greetings everyone!

Man, what a year 2012 was! During the past year: we have moved twice, I finished a year of college, started a contracting company AND a home based business. Not to mention road trips to DC and Atlanta, a business trip to Long Beach CA. Not to mention doing a whack load of push-ups...although I did not make it to 5000.

It's funny, it doesn't seem like much in print, and truth be told there are probably a million things that I can't remember, and after all, it's all the little things that take the most time.

Anyway, no grand resolutions this year, save for one. And the is to get back on the blog more. After all, if Michelle Duggar can blog regularly with 20 kids, I should be able to throw a few words together with just 7.