Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Cooking slowly

To say that life gets a little crazy in the TiPSI dad household would be a monumental understatement of epic proportions. Today for example, Nathan (number 5) decided to pour nail polish remover all over a plastic bathtub toy while in the bathtub. Did you know that nail polish remover will react with toy paint in such a way that it no longer adheres to plastic, while simultaneously making it adhere permanent to bathtubs?

Not to mention that we are totally surrounded by boxes!!!! This time however, we are moving in...and planning to stay for a long long time.

It is hard to write about how crazy it gets around without sounding ungrateful however I have to say that I feel grateful to be going through everything we are experiencing. It is by Gods grace that we have everything we have!

But it is crazy.

So here is the tip of the day....

Purchase a slow cooker. Out of all the kitchen appliances we have, the slow cooker is one of the best for making good meals when life is crazy. Just place the meat in the pot, at seasoning and liquids...and 5 hours later..... You have a tasty meal with only one lot to clean.

Slow cooker. Best thing ever.