Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Entrepreneurship is terrifying.

I have to say that the journey into Entrepreneurship has been terrifying. A couple of years ago I went on a journey to become totally reliant on the provision of God for all of our needs. To put my faith where my mouth is and become a witness to God's provision. While I still stand by the conviction that God does indeed provide, I have since discovered the unromantic side of being your own boss.

When I was preparing to go out on my own, I remember hearing someone say that the reason most people stay in a job is because you get addicted to a bi-weekly paycheck. Well, there have been times this past week, when I have said to myself, “self perhaps the steady injection of cash was not so bad after all”. There has also been the occasion where I find myself saying, “what was I thinking?”

Don't get me wrong, I am still grateful for having gone through this journey, and I still believe in the provision of God.

But the reality is that money is starting to get tight, work is getting slow and while our Herbalife business is growing it is not quite generating sustainable income right now. I have to start considering looking for a job. As it stands, I have sporadic work booked till the end of this month, but nothing yet for the next.

They say things get darker before it gets light, and with so many people becoming successful in their own entrepreneurial efforts, I still have hope.

Still, if someone from my old school asked me to come back...right now I would probably say yes.